This page deals with policies and guidelines for the process of ontology review, particularly operational aspects such as:

  • which ontologies should be reviewed, and in what order?
  • how should reviewers be chosen?
  • what is the workflow for conducting a review?
  • how will conflicts be resolved?

ReviewCriteriaPolicies covers guidelines and policies for the criteria by which an ontology should be reviewed.

How to request an ontology review

  1. Go to the OBO Foundry Operations Committee issue tracker.
  2. Click on “New issue”.
  3. Select the “Review request” template and follow the instructions on the template.

Ontology review priority

Ontologies will be reviewed in the order in which the review request is received. If an ontology previously submitted a request for an OBO Foundry review (that is, before this committee was formed), then the date of the original request is used to determine priority.

Any ontology group wanting a review by the Editorial WG must submit a request on the issue tracker

Ontology review workflow

Conflict resolution